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Established as Japan's first guide dog school on August 10th, 1967, Japan Guide Dog Association has been serving the visually impaired persons around the country.
Our president, Yukihiko INOUE, is a former Superintendent-General of the Metropolitan Police of Japan.
Our headquarters is located in central Tokyo, and our four training centers are spread across the country: Miyagi, Kanagawa, Shizuoka and Shimane prefecture.
We have been striving to help visually impaired people in Japan for their empowerment and educate the society about them as well as guide dogs.

  • To establish and manage guide dog training centers.
  • To educate guide dog trainers and instructors in walking with a guide dog.
  • To make researches into and develop better ways of breeding.
  • To share knowledge and experience with other support groups or organizations for visually impaired people.
  • To offer visually impaired people several rehabilitation programs.
  • To work on public relations to spread and deepen the understanding of guide dogs.

Our Mission

To provide safe and comfortable mobility with guide dogs for the visually impaired and those with low vision, so that they can go anywhere at any time, as they wish.

Activity Policies

  • To produce as many high quality guide dogs as possible.
  • To enhance the general understanding of guide dogs and the visually impaired.
  • To respect animal welfare and to be responsible for the life-time care of guide dogs
  • To take a scientific approach to the production of guide dogs.
  • To contribute to the enhancement of QOL (quality of life) for the visually impaired.
  • To value domestic and international partnerships.
  • To educate highly professional staff.

Management Policies

  • To have a long-term vision and to operate accordingly.
  • To manage the association in a fair and efficient way.
  • To provide an appropriate work environment for maximum performance from staff members.
  • To respond with speed and flexibility to changes.
  • To release information while protecting personal information in an appropriate manner.
  • To follow respective laws.

Staff Commitments

  • To value teamwork and maintain quality work
  • To be passionate and to continue to strive forward sincerely
  • To be thankful and share the joy of achievement

History of JGDA

1967 August

Japan Guide Dog Association (JGDA) was incorporated as a foundation by Mr. Hisatsune Sakomizu, a member of the House of Councilors, and others with the authorization of the Ministry of Welfare. Mr. Sakomizu was installed as the first chairperson of the board of directors.


The Service Standards for Passengers, which was issued by the Japanese National Railways, allowed visually impaired people accompanied by their guide dogs on the train.


JGDA was designated as one of the public-service corporations making greater efforts for promoting the public benefit, which made donations to JGDA tax-deductible.1994 All Japan Guide Dog Users Association was set up for guide dog users all over Japan.


August > JGDA opened its Sendai Office.


May > The construction work of JGDA's Kanagawa Training Center was completed.


July > The construction work of JGDA's Sendai Training Center was started.


April > The construction work of JGDA's Sendai Training Center was completed.


April > JGDA founded its School for Guide Dog Trainers. It is the first training school in Japan to provide all-round education for those students who would like to be guide dog trainers.


October > The construction work of JGDA's Fuji Harness" Training Center was completed.


October > The construction work of JGDA's Shimane-Asahi Training Center was completed.


April > Japanere Crown Prince and Princess visited JGDA's Kanagawa Training Center.


October > JGDA celebrated its 50th Anniversary

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