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Guide Dog Commercial Campaign

2022. 1. 14 News

I'm going! For everyone


Some people have not been able to regain the joy of going out.
We realized that going out was a joy in a new lifestyle that no one expected.
We are very, very happy to be able to go wherever we want to go.
It's the same for people who are blind or have difficulty seeing.
JGDA provides free mobility instruction with guide dogs and long canes.

With the support of Advertising Council Japan, the Japan Guide Dog Association commercial will be broadcast, and posters will be displayed.
From 1 July 2021, a new Japan Guide Dog Association commercial was broadcast and aired.
It is part of our mission to "let as many people as possible know about guide dog users." AC Japan, a public interest incorporated association, made this commercial as part of their "Support Campaign" to support the advertising activities of non-profit organizations engaged in public welfare activities. You can see the commercial on-air at the following website.
AC Japan Support Campaign 2021

Japan Guide Dog Association's Desire: 'Joy of Going Out to All People'
It is a joy for everyone to be able to go anywhere, at any time they want. The COVID-19 pandemic, which no one could have predicted, has made us feel the inconvenience and anxiety of not being able to go out. But many people have been feeling this way long before the pandemic.

The ad calls out to people who are blind or have difficulty seeing to "go out with a guide dog or a long cane." We hope that they will enjoy going out again and catch up with the life they want.
Many people think that if they become visually impaired, they will not be able to do anything independently. However, this is not true. We want to dispel this image of the visually impaired and create a society where everyone can say, "I'm going!"

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